What’s Different about McBay Law?

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I grew up watching Sesame Street. I loved Oscar and the Cookie Monster. One of my favorite regular skits was the “One of These Things is Not Like the Other.” I loved picking out the thing that was different. Of course, there were only ever four “things,” so choosing what was different was relatively easy. Choosing a family law or divorce attorney in Mobile, Alabama is not so easy.¬†Fortunately, there are some excellent attorneys here. Unfortunately, some are not so excellent, and some may just not be right for you.

Do not worry, I am here to help. Here are a few characteristics of McBay Law that may help you decide to at least meet with me regarding your particular issue:

  1. I have been divorced, twice. I’m wary of someone giving me advice on something with which they have no first-hand, personal experience. My first divorce was uncontested and no children were involved, but the destruction of my marriage was, at the time, the most difficult experience I had endured…that is until my second divorce. By that time, I had two little boys, a home, a family. I tried to handle it myself and made a series of difficult mistake and failed to plan for certain events. As an attorney, unless you’ve packed up a divided home and driven away in gut-wrenching emotional pain, I don’t know how you can look a client in the eye and give them advice about what they’re experiencing.
  2. I am a non-custodial parent with a blended family. As I write this, I’ve just come from an exchange of children. One of my boys now lives with me, my wife, and his little sister. I drive every weekend to either pick up his brother or to drop him off, and vice-versa. When a client is considering terms of custody and visitation, I can speak from experience. I know what it’s like to have to hire an attorney and go back to court. I know what it’s like to feel like the other side doesn’t respect your opinions about parenting and what’s best for your children. I think it’s also important to note here that, if you want to use your children as a way to punish your estranged spouse, please read no further. I am not the attorney for you.
  3. I work directly with clients. My clients have my personal mobile number. The only time my clients deal with someone else is when we prepare responses to discovery. If you can find an attorney who offers more personalized service, hire that attorney.
  4. I keep my clients informed. I leverage technology to allow my clients to actively participate in building their file. Every time a document is added to your file, you get an email inviting you to review it. As long as you have an internet¬†connection, you can access your case file. Filings in your case are uploaded almost immediately after I’ve reviewed them.
  5. I offer value. Based on my evaluation of your circumstances, I will offer you a flat fee range for my fees. I also offer a traditional retainer and hourly rate fee model. If you choose a flat fee, you’ll have the peace of mind that goes with knowing the outside range of what the case is going to cost. As a client, you’ve got to decide whether it’s worth it to you to take the risk of hiring the cheapest attorney you can find. If you want straight talk from a man who’s walked a mile in your shoes; if you want to stay in touch and informed about your case; if you want an advocate to be a source of strength and endurance through the darkest days, I’m your guy.

Here’s a good guide for developing a strategy for choosing a family law attorney:


Hey, it’s hard out here in the divorce/family law world. If you can stay married, do that. If you can’t, call or email me at (251)445-0891/ron@mcbaylaw.com. I may be the attorney for you.